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Iterator was how I fell into the "what-if" that we've all experienced at one point or another.

To iterate is to start something again, from the point where your last attempt ended. Iterator was all that and more for me, in ways that I'd never imagined.

This EP is dedicated to the people who helped me get my life back in the summer of 2012.



released June 15, 2013

All songs written, produced, and engineered by Nick Esposito

Album art - Kiran Surdhar



all rights reserved


The Title New York, New York

Thanks for listening, guys.

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Track Name: Still
It's been a year since I called you
And longer since I saw you
And I don't know what you've been through
But I'm still feeling like
I don't know how you'll take this
But I couldn't shake this, no
Cause I'm still feeling for you

I really wonder if we'd take
Another time, another place
Could we hold on to what we had
Cause all that good was more than bad
And if somehow we had a way
To fix the things we had to break
Well I'd still be with you today
Cause I don't think my heart can change

But more than that I think I really need to figure
How my head can be sure (that) when my heart is in the middle
I'm not making a call for the sake of the call, no
Cause I'd only go when my heart said so

So I'm just sure about one thing
When I go back remembering
Four years and change have left me feeling the same
And I've no plans for what to do
But I think I need to get to you
Cause I feel this gap that I can't get past
Track Name: Pieces
I've got this piece of you I'm holding onto
I think that it's all I can do
To keep me strong while I'm trying to wind through
The places I'll look till I find you
You've got a piece of me there to remind you
No matter what space or time do
So I'll be here when one day you decide you
Can see if it's me in your heart too

Some things are different now but some haven't changed
Like me still feeling the same
I hear some whispers now of some other name
I know that feeling is strange

I said oh no no don't tell me that
Tell me you let it go
Cause you know know know there is more to that
And I'm just letting it show

I know this time has made it harder to see
But I still see you with me
So now we only have to start to believe
Remember what we could be

So you should know if you feel alone
And you're near a phone you should call me
Cause I'm up all night long writing all these songs
Till the lights go on in the morning
Track Name: Plotting A Course
I'd plot a course on the map that you'd held in your hands
But my most certain of steps were just lines in the sand
I'm only certain I know where I'm hoping to land
Somewhere between where we left and the things you had planned

And you and I know this isn't a movie
I don't expect that singing this is bringing you back to me
But I know how happy we could be if I could show
So I've got to try so you'll know

I'd love you more on your worst day
Than anyone else ever could on your best babe
Cause I've got this picture of the smile over your face
When you finally see
How good things could be if you'd come back to me

So now I'm plotting a course to get back to the place
Where you confided in me and you carried my days
Cause when you feel that inside it's a feeling that stays
And now I'm hoping to find that yours didn't fade

And you, and I
Track Name: The Difference
What's in my heart marks the difference
Between something you're constantly fixing
And a love that's so strong it's all you need to carry on
And that's what made your love feel so different
So different to me

I may or may not take a street
If we're more likely there to meet
Which means I will and I will wait
If you would like to walk with me

If ever you're not sure just take it slow
If you have some concerns just let me know
If ever there's a question close your eyes
And a direction will show
And mine always points to you

I may or may not take a seat
Somewhere you used to sit with me
And in my head you'll do the same
Cause it's a place you want to be
Track Name: Would It Be Enough
Would it be enough to know I'll never go I'll never leave
Cause with a little time I realized that you're all I need
And am I being clear as clear as I need to be
To get the point across I'm more than lost since you're not with me
Since you're not with me

Would it be enough to say you'd make my day all that I'd need
Is to catch you in a smile and for a while that's all that I'd see
Cause it would be enough if I could be by your side just you and me
Just living out our days in simple ways and so happily
And so happily

I know it's not the best time
but I've been keeping this locked away
For fear of speaking from my mind
But here's how I see things
Cause no one could love you
The way that I want to

Cause no one could possibly love you the way that I want to